How Will You Access Your Peers?

The New York Times ran a story and accompanying blog post earlier today about a new platform from Vistage, called Vistage Connect.  It enables a truly robust peer advisory experience to take place online and will serve to augment the face-to-face group experience so many business leaders have been enjoying for decades.   I encourage you to read the article and engage in the conversation either here or at the You’re The Boss blog.

While for some, it will add value to their current advisory board or group experience; for so many more, it makes the peers advisory experience accessible in an all new way.  If you’re a CEO, small business owner, or senior executive who either lives in a more rural market, has an aggressive travel schedule (that makes reliable in-person attendance to a group meeting next to impossible), or is a digital native who prefers the convenience of engaging with others online, Vistage Connect meets the needs of these important audiences.

As trust of our institutions continues to wane, peers are relying on one another to survive and thrive in this world of uncertainty.  The more ways we have to access those who’ve become our most trusted advisors, the better!

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