An Interview With George Lucas

Among the many highlights of attending the Milken Institute Global Conference is hearing from people like George Lucas.  One of my favorite quotes from Peter Senge describes the difference between creating and problem solving – two distinct leadership challenges.  Senge says, “The fundamental difference between creating and problem solving is simple. In problem solving we seek to make something we do not like go away. In creating, we seek to make what we truly care about exist.”  George Lucas is an entrepreneur who brought stories to life on film and leveraged technologies that inspire the cinematic experiences we share today.  He created!

Lucas’ story is shaped by his not wanting to go into the family business, his unlikely survival of a horrific car accident, and by a friend who invited him to take a test to attend USC and who encouraged Lucas to explore studying film because of his love of photography.   It’s a tale of a man who discovered his passion and embarked on the relentless pursuit of an amazing career.  Lucas will be the first to tell you that it’s the story and the characters that matter  –  much more than the technology by the way.  I invite you to watch An Interview with George Lucas, and listen to HIS story firsthand.

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