Your Business. Our Responsibility.

You have the weight of your business — and the world in which it operates — on your mind and on your shoulders. Helping you with this heavy responsibility is our No. 1 priority and the root of our strategy. It’s on our walls and on our minds: We exist solely to help you make great decisions that benefit your company, family and community.

We strive to offer the most comprehensive, effective approach for executive growth and development. One of our biggest priorities is to provide you with more perspectives from high-integrity leaders in your area and around the globe.

We exist solely to help you make great decisions that benefit your company, family and community.

As a Vistage member since 2010, I’ve experienced the benefits of powerful questions and eye-opening insights from fellow members, Chairs and speakers. I believe every high-integrity business leader we add enriches our community, because they bring a wealth of expertise and fresh perspectives that they’re willing to share. Our global footprint has expanded to include peer advisory groups in Spain, Paraguay, Uruguay and the Netherlands. We now have more than 22,000 members in 20 countries. Vistage Networks ( offer the opportunity to connect and get real-time answers to your questions from those in the global community who are in your industry or share your interests.

You may have also noticed Vistage insights appearing more frequently in your Wall Street Journal and business journal, or the logo on the collars of three world-class PGA golfers. These efforts are, again, with the express intent of creating awareness among high-caliber business leaders — those who embody the Vistage ethos of rigor in decision-making, who pursue excellence relentlessly, and who contribute willingly to the success of those around them.

We also are creating more events to help you expand your network and knowledge base. In addition to the inspirational, large-scale Vistage Executive Summits, we have hundreds of new, more intimate events. Some provide deeper learning experiences on key business challenges, such as talent and finance. Others are social outings that foster connections with business leaders beyond your group. And if your business has you traveling, check out for workshops and get-togethers at your destination.

These developments are just the start. Your feedback in the 2018 Member Insights Survey gave us valuable input on how we can make your Vistage experience even more meaningful and effective. Thanks to all members who took the time to share their perspectives.

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