1 in 4 Small Businesses Hate Social Media

If you’re one of those business leaders who just can’t muster any enthusiasm for social media, here’s some news you might like — you’re not alone.

According to a survey by e-mail marketing company iContact, 1 out of every 4 small businesses hate social media. (Yes, hate is the word they used.)

The social media sites cited in the report are the most celebrated: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Groupon.

The complaints probably sound familiar to most of us, even those who’ve come to embrace social media. “It seems like an enormous time commitment,” is one negative sentiment quoted in the report. “It has nothing to do with the merit of the business, but who can manipulate the system,” is another.

Of course, one quarter opposed suggests that a much larger number — 75%, or the vast majority — actually favors social media, and may even be finding active value in social networking websites.

“It’s not surprising that there are a few staunch holdouts, but the social revolution is here, and three-fourths of our respondents find tremendous value in it,” iContact CEO Ryan Allis said in the report.

“We’ve seen e-mail marketing make an incredible impact on our customers’ businesses, and social media is growing so quickly it may soon eclipse email audiences, giving small businesses the power to sell and market their services in new, affordable, and viral ways.”
Originally published: Oct 29, 2011

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