Want to go far? Go together.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  It’s among my favorite quotes, and the one we used to open our new book, The Power of Peers: How the Company You Keep Drives Leadership, Growth & Success.   Turns out, I actually experienced this phenomenon firsthand on […]

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Class Clowns and Peer Advantage

During a recent appearance on Real Talk San Diego 1700 AM ESPN, I spoke with hosts Chase Peckham and Brian Blackburn about a range of subjects related to the power of peers and what I call peer advantage, particularly when it comes to high-performing sports teams – most notably The University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball […]

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The ANJE Advantage

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the ANJE – Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs) is an association based in Portugal that promotes entrepreneurship by establishing new development paradigms in business and encouraging less conservative attitudes regarding risk, making it easier for early stage companies to access capital. Part of the ANJE’s charge […]

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Inspiration Behind The Power of Peers

When organizational agility expert Mike Richardson asked me about the inspiration behind the book and the concept of peer advantage, the answer was simple.   In addition to what I offered in this short video, consider also that there are thousands of books about leadership, hundreds more on followership, yet far too few titles in […]

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Who’s On Your Learning Team?

Earlier this year, I delivered the keynote address to the graduates of Seton Hall University’s Master of Arts in Strategic Communication & Leadership (MASCL) program.   What you need to know about these students/mid-to-senior level executives is that they braved this program, not just an individuals, but as a learning team.  They declared victory together!  Here’s […]

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Why the Media Should Not Post Photos of Killers

We woke up Sunday morning to the news of an unspeakable tragedy. It was described both as an act of terrorism and a monstrous expression of hate.  The footage outside the nightclub was surreal, as witnesses shared the horror of the event across all the television news networks.  Social media was on fire. That said, […]

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Peers Achieving Critical Mass

Ric Franzi’s  unique experience as a business leader and expertise with leading peer groups for CEOS and other senior level executives contributed his driving a content rich interview on his show Critical Mass for Business.  You’ll also want to add his book, Critical Mass: The 10 Explosive Powers of CEO Peer Groups to your reading […]

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Yo-Yo Ma on the Power of Peers

In a recent interview with HBR, Yo-Yo Ma talks about successful collaboration and the power of peers.  I’m not suggesting he referenced our book per se, but during the first seven minutes or so of the 18-minute interview, he touched on the concepts from our book that relate to working successfully with peers and how […]

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Publishers Weekly and The Power of Peers

I’m a big admirer of Howard Gardner, who among other things, codified the theory of multiple intelligences in his 1983 book Frames of Mind.  I’ve always enjoyed how he answered his critics and defended his theory without being defensive.  Debates with scholars inspired more conversation about his work, which I would imagine was precisely what […]

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Add Your Favorite Title to the Peer Advantage Library

The Power of Peers: How the Company You Keep Drives Leadership, Growth & Success is based on the simple concepts that who you surround yourself with matters and that peers can help each other in ways they won’t find anywhere else.  Turns out, if you are more selective, strategic and structured about how you engage […]

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