Phil Akin Launches Two Vistage Groups Back-to-Back in Cedar Rapids Market

San Diego, October 2, 2014 — Vistage Chair Phil Akin recently launched two chief executive (CE) groups in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Akin is making Vistage history with the launch of two groups in a single week, only a few weeks after his special event. This makes three CE groups launched by Akin in 13 months. These new Vistage groups will each meet monthly to discuss business issues, share expertise and provide one another confidential help to achieve their goals. Akin is part of a community of more than 400 Vistage Chairs who lead local peer groups, which total more than 21,000 members in 17 countries.

Vistage Regional Executive Dave Bartel applauded his success. “Phil makes it look easy! We all know it isn’t, and yet, when you talk to Phil or you are around him, his attitude and demeanor is that of confidence and strength. Maybe that is one of the qualities that his new members see in him. He started with building one additional group and decided to have TWO! His first event was August 19, he then did another event in early September and he has two new groups launching!

“During the time he was putting this together, he helped his son launch a new business in the Waterloo area and was providing referrals to another new Chair in the market. He felt the members from his first group should attend the Twin Cities Vistage Executive Summit, and he put together a road trip. Phil and several of his members drove up and spent the day. His comment to me (to paraphrase) was he is matching his priorities with his schedule. I want to congratulate Phil, and we are all excited to see the Iowa market grow!”

Phil Akin is an innovative and creative leader with a varied and deep portfolio. He has 33 years’ experience as CEO of four high-growth companies and was the Marketing Director for a Fortune 500 firm. He has provided strategic planning, marketing, advertising and business development guidance for start-ups as well as national and international companies. The types of organizations include manufacturing, chain retailing, franchising, healthcare and nonprofits. Akin is an active member of the Fortune Magazine Business Council, Iowa Association of Business and Industry, and VentureNet Iowa. He attended Iowa State University.

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