Charlotte Executive Exchange

Meet local business leaders and tackle your toughest challenges.

Vistage is excited to invite you to an interactive event for select CEOs, business owners and senior executives in the Charlotte area.This fast-paced session with award-winner speaker Ian MacDougall will examine organizational lifecycles – and predictable challenges they can encounter. You’ll walk away with powerful management tools that have proven to be highly effective in transforming organizations into high performers, gain insight into normal versus abnormal problems across the lifecycle of the organization, and an understanding of the causes of organization aging and atrophy and how these can be avoided or reversed.

At this event, participants will:

• Engage with subject matter experts and gain real world perspectives
• Vet critical business strategies with your business leader peers
• Discover how Vistage can provide tested, real-world tools to grow your business

This event is exclusively for CEOs, business owners and senior executives of companies with $1MM+ in annual revenue.